JSDC Internship Reimbursement Program; Assistance Available for Local 线上买球平台es

JSDC Internship Reimbursement Program; Assistance Available for Local 线上买球平台es Main Photo



Through 詹姆斯敦 Stutsman Development Corporation’s (JSDC) Internship Reimbursement Program, 鼓励年轻人才留在当地. 最初于2021年实施, the program was created to increase the number of local internships and assist employers in workforce recruitment and retention. 本质上, 该计划最多可报销3美元,500 to applicants who hire university or college students.

Promoting paid internships comes with several benefits. 根据… study by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, paid interns receive more job offers before graduation than unpaid interns or students who haven’t engaged in an internship. Consequently, paid internships give workers a crucial head start in establishing their careers. In addition, paid internships promote inclusivity and equity in the workplace. Students who are part of a marginalized community may not have the resources necessary to work an unpaid internship. 与付款, 然而, workers receive the support they need to fully take advantage of the imperative training and 教育 internships provide. 

The Internship Reimbursement Program serves many community needs. Through one program, young workers and employers throughout the community receive tangible benefits. Young professionals are given a paid opportunity to develop their skills, 雇主可以接触到当地的人才. 


旨在发展当地劳动力, eligibility requirements for the program guarantee benefits for young workers. In order to participate in the program, employers must pay interns at least $15 per hour. To make certain that resources are allocated locally, the employer and internship position must be located in Stutsman County. 最后, interns must be a junior or senior or within two years of completing their program, and the internship must be in the student’s field of study. While the internship does not have to be for academic credit, JSDC actively encourages it to further advance young workers.

如果满足要求, 雇主可能有资格获得最高3美元的补贴,500 in reimbursement and for half the payroll cost to be reimbursed. 例如, 如果雇主的预计成本是8美元,000, 他们将有资格获得最高3美元的补贴,500. If the entire cost is $4,000, the employer would be eligible for $2,000. JSDC meets quarterly to award eligible employers, and awards specific dollar amounts based on the individual application. 

通过遵守这些指导方针, JSDC ensures that young people in the region are supported to stay within the local workforce. In return, employers gain access to employees that have a skillset tailored to them. 


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JSDC has 资源 and Programs Available for Local 线上买球平台es

詹姆斯敦有 证明的承诺 to helping local talent develop the career of their dreams. In fact, JSDC’s Internship Reimbursement Program is just one of many business resources available. To view the program application and guidelines, 点击这里. Or, to learn more about how JSDC helps employees and employers, 点击这里.